Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Two Weeks.

I'm extremely excited. In two weeks, I will be beginning my internship at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival. As a production intern, I will essentially do the same things that I did last summer at the American Dance Festival, but full-time as opposed to part-time. Upon arrival, we spend three weeks setting up for the festival. Once the festival begins, we work between three theatres- some indoors, some outdoors. (Any job that requires you to have hiking boots and a rain jacket is a pretty amazing gig, if you ask me!) We will crew shows, interact with companies that are both new and familiar to me, and assist wherever any production work is needed.

This time, I'm lucky enough to know someone that is also a production intern: Garrett. He is a lighting designer and a fellow Ball State pal, so I'm glad to know that I'm going to know at least one person this summer! Jacob's Pillow is a lot smaller than ADF, so there are fewer people to interact with. Knowing someone is a comfort in this situation.

Guys, I'm so sorry. This blog post is a straight up snooze alert. Anyway, I'll link a lengthy YouTube video below. That way, you'll know which companies are coming to the festival and, also, a little bit more information about what I'm getting myself into!

More interesting posts to follow, I swear.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Alliance Platform

An Alliance with Students

Cardinal W.I.N.G.S.

  • Support the Cardinal W.I.N.G.S. student emergency fund campaign by providing promotions and logistics.

  •  Handed out 460 Cardinal W.I.N.G.S. shirts during the T-Shirt Trade In

  • Promoted additional events for the organization

Community Cycles
Utilize abandoned bikes to create a university-wide, community bike service that allows students to use free, university-controlled bikes to get to on-campus locations when they are pressed for time.

  • Brought the idea to President Gora, received positive feedback. Formed a task force dedicated to this idea. Program is now in Campus Council for discussion. Wasn’t feasible to use abandoned bikes. Did large scales of research concerning other university/city programs.

Revamp the Nest
Create a program in conjunction with athletics to help boost student attendance at athletic events.  Program will include a prize incentive based on points for attending football games.

  • Provided an iPad for the Points Reward program

  • Provided transportation for 44 students to go to the BSU v. Butler game

  • Official Sponsor for the Bowl Game trip to Florida

  • T-Shirt Trade In: handed out 960 shirts (500 glow in the dark, 460 W.I.N.G.S.), donated all collected shirts to the Muncie Mission. Received more donations than shirts passed out

  • Helped students travel to MAC Basketball Tournament

Continue Existing SGA Programs
Continue SGA efforts such as the T-shirt Trade-in, Leadership Fund, monthly blogs, and as well as other successful projects.

  • Continued T-Shirt Trade In

  • Continued blog with 13 total posts

  • Continued Leadership Fund w/ 13 total recipients and $2220 distributed

An Alliance with Organizations
Social Media Hub
In cooperation with the Daily News, create a centralized social media hub for organizations to utilize in an effort to inform students of on– and off-campus events.

  • BSU Chirp Deck on Facebook: 226 likes

  • BSU Chirp Deck on Twitter: 212 followers, 228 tweets

Activity Fairs
Work to reorganize and restructure the fall and spring activity fairs.

  • Handed out ice cream at Fall Activity fair, as well as hosted a table

  • Maps were available at the Spring activity fair

  • Held Spring activity fair in January: 60 organizations and 500+ came

Meet the People
Help boost awareness of other organization’s activities and events by having slate members attend at least one of their meetings.

  • Completed

Help New Organizations Start-up
Work to help new organizations through the process of receiving recognition by the Office of Student Life.

  • Completed

A Stronger Alliance within SGA
Create a full Welcome Week day dedicated to promoting SGA and encouraging student involvement within the organization.

  • Occurred during Welcome Week

  •  Handed out 150 Concannon donuts, 350 Island Smoothies, 250 Carter hotdogs

  • Provided yard games

  • Quidditch team gave lessons and played with students

  • DJ on University Green

  • Coozie handout

Freshmen Involvement
Work to promote SGA to incoming freshmen through advertisements and programs throughout Welcome Week.

  •  SGA Day

  •  Fall Activity Fair

  • Filled freshman seats

Bylaw Revisions
Work with Senate committees to distinguish Senate precedence from actual Bylaw clauses and revise those differences within the governing documents.

  • Executive and Judicial Branch edited

  •  Constitution reapproved

  •  Elections Code edited and updated

  • Additional changes throughout the Bylaws

Traveling Senate
Hold Senate outside of Cardinal Hall B once a semester to attract a different audience to SGA.

  • Completed

An Alliance with the Community
Village Beautification Day
Host a day long Village Beautification Day to clean up and beautify the student Village.

  • Cleaned up trash and recyclables

  • Washed windows

  • Provided potted plants to companies

  • Muncie Glue and Scissors provided art work on windows

  • 30 participants

Serving in September
Host and coordinate a volunteer competition among Greek organizations, housing and residence life, and all other organizations, during the month of September, to help various non-profit organizations within the Muncie community.

  • Hosted Indiana Charity Miles Challenge competition instead

  • Ball State, IU, and Purdue participated

  • Walkers, runners, and bikers can track mileage to raise money for the non-profit organization of their choice (http://www.charitymiles.org/)

  •  Final results: Ball State - 690.93, IU - 271.11, Purdue - 131.87

Walking the Dogs
Host and coordinate dog walking parties at ARF.

  • Co-Sponsored Walk A Mile in My Paws event

Dancing Workshop
In coordination with the Student Dance Association, host a dancing workshop for Muncie kids, teaching them basic dance instruction as well as providing them with a venue to display their talent.

  • Engaged nearly 50 youth from Muncie, Delaware County, and Indiana in a daylong workshop

  •  Numerous SDA members, as well as dance majors, also participated/assisted

  • Community members and Ball State faculty/staff/students came to showcase

An Alliance Committed to Diversity and Awareness
Campus Leadership Alliance Workshop
Create and host a forum/social events, including representatives from every Ball State organization, to build relationships among different university organizations.

  • Approximately 50 participants representing over 30 organizations

  •  Utilized current/formal student leaders on two panels

Four-Tier Awareness Campaign
Host four different Awareness campaigns, including Alcohol Awareness, Voter Awareness, Diversity Awareness (in conjunction with Unity Week), and Self-Injury Awareness.

  • Voter Awareness (In conjunction with Office of Student Life and other student organizations)

·         Over 1,000 constitutions distributed on Constitution Day
·         Approximately 350 students registered to vote on Democracy Day
·         1,300 attendees at the Gibbs / Cheney Debate
·         300 – 400 people at the 6th District Debate
·         150 – 200 people at the Errington / Oliver debate
·         175 people at the Debate Watch Party in DeHority
·         Over 10 different candidate appearances on campus
·         250 people riding the Election Day Shuttle
·         250 people at the Election Night Watch Party
·         10,240 hits on the Vote 2012 site
·         Multiple stories on the Daily News, WRCD, The Star Press, and even Yahoo!

  • Alcohol Awareness

·         Drunk Driving Simulation with beer goggles/golf cart course
·         Coozie handout
·         Alcohol Poisoning cards handed out (created with assistance of IFC)
·         WCRD provided handouts, live music, and coverage of event

  • Diversity Awareness

·         Diversity Symposium held during Unity Week
·         Four workshops and a keynote speaker
·         Approximately 50 participants

  • Self-Injury Awareness

·         Teamed up with the Alive Campaign to provide a week of events
·         WCRD radio shows
·         Handed out awareness ribbons and fliers
·         QPR training
·         Informational tables
·         “Reasons to Live” Hand Tree
·         "Light Up the Night" Candlelight Vigil in Pruis
·         All-Day Live Chat
·         Safe Talk training
·         Encouraged people to wear blue and orange to raise awareness of self-injury and suicide.

Beautify the Multi
In conjunction with the Big Four, provide funds to beautify the Multicultural center.

  • Provided funds to provide new computers for the Multicultural Center computer lab

Reallocate funds
Reposition the money in the multicultural portion of the SGA budget to help bring a diversity oriented speaker to Unity Week, as part of the Four-Tier Awareness Campaign and provide funding for the beautification of the Multicultural Center.

  • Complete

Additional Executive Projects

·         22 one-on-one semester reviews

·         3 surveys for feedback

·         Logo change/rebranding of organization

·         Anti-Hazing Week Sponsor

·         Filled all University Senate Committee Seats

·         President’s Retreat presentation and participants

·         8 preview days

·         Utilization of Blackboard

·         Recognition by FIJI for SGA President

·         Commissioned Freshmen Leadership Council

·         3 Senate representatives at the Indiana Campus Compact Conference

·         Website renovation

·         Freshmen Convocation Speech

·         Game at Carnival

·         CLASS mentors – Brittany and Heather

·         Began Ad Hoc committee for restroom use by transgendered students on campus